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Look it’s Mummy coming !

Waiting for pizzas at Costco

R and I were sucked in by the hype of giant American sized Costco pizzas and decided that we would grab one for dinner one day. Today was the day and I found myself wearily waiting in line for my pizza and hoping that the cranky Saitaomei wouldn’t act up. She’s knee deep in terrible two behaviour lately and whilst she doesn’t go into meltdowns like Saitaoha did, she is generally whiny, cries at a drop of a hat and is very demanding.

I kept sneaking peeks at them from behind, and to my amusement, we had eye contact and the kids starting laughing and clapping. I realised they were playing a game of spot the mummy and taking turns to say ‘Look! It’s Mummy! Mummy’s coming!’ then clapping their hands in delight.

Other patrons in line were amused at their happy clapping and laughs. At one point the ‘It’s mummy!’ changed to ‘Pizza! Pizza!’ chanting and claps and I wondered whether the staff felt any pressure to churn out the pizzas faster.

At that moment I felt truly blessed to have such lovely affectionate kids that are so delighted at the mere sight of their mummy. I know this will not last forever and one day I may cease to be the most important person in their lives, but for now, it is so humbling to be the love of the life of my girls. Saitaoha says ‘but I will miss you mummy!’ when I’m gone for 5 minutes, they give me kisses and hugs and tell me they love me, they fight for my attention and to sit next to me, Saitaoha pretends to be my hairdresser and brushes my hair till it’s sleek and shiny everyday. My beautiful, vibrant daughters shower me with love and affection everyday, something that I’m not sure I deserve but I’m grateful for. It’s golden days with the girls. I am truly lucky.

May 2020