Big week

I started this post on Friday and never got around to finishing it. The weekend flew by in a blur even though we didn’t do much and mostly pottered around at home. I was sad when Sunday rolled around and I thought it was still Saturday, that moment of realisation was πŸ˜žπŸ˜”πŸ˜•. It’s been a long time since I last felt physically exhausted from work. Mentally exhausted yes, the office politics and the struggle of work-family life guilt has always been mentally taxing. But physically exhausting from the long hours, lack of sleep and working during the weekend has been a first for a while. It’s not too bad, it just means there’s lots of work to power through and I need to get more efficient and productive at work when I’m actually at the desk. I probably could and should cut my news surfing habit but it’s an occupational habit I picked up in my previous line of work and have kept ever since.

Ah pa packed me a giant box of fruit today to share with my colleagues. They already think he’s a sweetheart because of my fruit boxes which I share with them when they drop by the desk. The sheer size of this fruitbox will blow them away.

It’s another big week ahead. These big weeks will be never ending for a whole. Saitaoha is also turning 4 on Friday, which means there will be some baking for her classmates, I’m still contemplating whether or not to pack them some goodie bags. I’m not keen on the over consumption of stuff but Saitaoha has a generous soul so I think she would like to celebrate with her friends? Maybe cupcakes will do. She is really excited about her indoor playground party with her cousins, not sure whether it’s considered a party if it’s just 4 kids? She didn’t seem particularly excited about inviting other kids but said her best friends are LG and Tristan. So cute. She also invited mah mah so I think mah mah is still firmly in her best friend category. Sigh my little girl is now 4, how time flies.

I miss my kids when they were small and cuddly but I just admit life is much easier now they are bigger and self sustainable. Enough talking, I’m getting dizzy on the bus. I hope this is a great week!

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