What an eventful month it was!

First there was the showdown with the boss and possibly one of the most difficult conversations I’ve had to have in my career. It was worth the risk though and I believe we are moving forward.

And then there was Saitaomei’s birthday which was a fun and lovely affair.

I fell sick and somehow managed to develop bronchitis! First time in my life I’ve had to use a puffer, but the meds worked wonders and I’m feeling much better.

We also watched the U2 concert at the Optus stadium because sis had spare tickets. Noel Gallagher was the opening act and I enjoyed his Oasis classics, but the sound system was so shonky I could hardly hear what the performers were saying or singing all night.

Still it was a nice experience and the stadium was very pretty at times.

The Joshua tree stage was quite impressive too. But we are not U2 fans so hardly knew any of their songs.

We brought the kids to see the Christmas lights in the city. It was a fun night and we all had a great time, especially playing at the free arcade pop up place inside Enex 100. If only the city was this happening and bush everyday!

I’ve been wanting to bring the kids to the Christmas houses at 140.

Hiya cutie!

Dancing with jeje weekend fun.

We didn’t get to open up the bubble toy ah pa bought for the kids during Saitaomei’s birthday so we tried it today instead. It was a hit!

Mei mei was so happy 🥰.

And there goes another month, I’m looking forward to the Christmas holidays already!

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