Hello November

Spotted a rainbow on the drive home. Even the skies knew it was a Friday! Sigh I find myself looking forward to the weekends and dreading Mondays more and more, a sure sign of my dismal work life.

We had a Halloween morning tea at work and these Halloween themed Krispy Kremes were my contribution. I love themed Krispy Kremes because they are so cute (but way too sweet), I will buy the Christmas ones again this year.

Hehe my niece enjoyed her Halloween Krispy Kreme. She even thought I made them, 太高估我了吧!

Both R and I are facing a lull in our work lives so we try and make up for it by jazzing up our personal lives. We reinstated our Western dinner Fridays where we have a western dinner, usually steak nights with a glass of red. It’s actually really nice and we have a lovely time with the kids as well.

Hi mei mei and Tristan.

Jaso dropped by from Sydney and surprised us. We were happy we got to have lunch with him at late notice and even have an early birthday celebration for him. With the kids and all, you tend to neglect your friends, that’s why I’m thankful when we get to celebrate them when we can.

It’s fun to have siblings isn’t it?

They fight sometimes but also play happily together most of the time. It’s a heartwarming sight.

Sunday library time. Saitaoha picked out many of the books that she wanted and we read all of them tonight.

Reading with papa.

Some playground fun afterwards. Saitaomei cracked me up with her balancing and diving acts.

Safe landing!

Scary looking gecko, I don’t like lizards at all.

A korean bbq family dinner and the weekend is over again. It’s back to counting the days till the next weekend!

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