Popcorn mei mei

Promised the kids that I would bring them to the playground if the sun had not set by the time they finished dinner. We just about made it! They had a lovely time except Saitaomei didn’t want to leave 😅

I wanted to prolong our Saturday night out so we went to our neighbourhood cafe for coffee and cake. Saitaomei was delighted with the sudden treat and walloped her snacks with delight.

Work must be pretty dreadful nowadays because I’m already sad that the weekend is almost over and it’s only Saturday night!

Saitaoha constantly amuses me with her funny chatter.

👩🏻: Saitaoha what do you want to be when you grow up?

🧒🏻: what do you mean mummy?

👩🏻: like what is Papa’s job?

🧒🏻: ******* (answers accurately)

👩🏻: you’re right! So do you want to be a ******* like papa when you grow up?

🧒🏻: no! I want to be a princess !

👩🏻: (alamak 😅) oh ok, how about mummy?

🧒🏻: mummy is a chef!

👩🏻: hahaha ok ok not bad, I don’t mind being a chef. How about mei mei?

🧒🏻: Mei mei is a popcorn!

👩🏻: 😂😂😂

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