Wedding woes

Attending a family wedding with two toddlers in tow sure ain’t easy. Just go to the wedding, enjoy an eight course banquet then go home right? But that isn’t the case when you’re part of the bridal party and have to help out with the planning and logistics of a wedding.

There’s the to and fro of many airport pickups and drop offs, the entertaining, wining and dining of overseas guests and relatives. And it becomes even more complex and complicated once your family home also opens up to become accomodation for said relatives. It’s a joyous occasion and a great reason for a family reunion, but when you throw two kids in the mix, ones that are not used to the hot tropical weather and the under 2 who has stranger anxiety, it does become a tad stressful.

Once again it goes to show how it takes a village to raise a family and how my parents are super grandparents. They’ve taken over the parenting of the kids to spare them the stress of overwhelming relatives and wedding chaos. R and I are able to focus on helping out my very stressed mother in law and sister in law (the bride). But at what expense?

I felt so bad when I saw ah ma looking so tired today. I’ve always been extra lucky to have parents that I can always count on, but I just wish I could be more self sufficient and less reliant on my long suffering parents. 😔.

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