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G for Grandparents

This is my ah ma on most days, single handedly feeding both my kids at the same time. Grandparents are underrated in my opinion. A while back some dayrean was comparing herself with her own mother in terms of how tired they are looking after her daughter. I was incensed, why would you even compare yourself with your mother? Your mother is not obliged to look after your child, if she feels even an inch of exhaustion because she’s looking after YOUR daughter, you should only feel grateful and humbled, not ‘why is she so exhausted, I am even more exhausted’.

My little helper is very helpful! She did a good job cutting up the bananas for our banana walnut cake.

Mix mix mix. This is her fake smile btw.

The end product which mei mei enjoyed more than her sister even though she had no hand in helping. That little girl leaves a trail of crumbs behind her, she’s like Hansel and Gretel.

Is this mine mummy? Is this for me? Oops she discovered the chocolates my friend gifted me from Melbourne.

Enjoying icecream with Tristan Koko, she looks like she’s hankering after his icecream.

Little miss enjoying her pandan icecream. Whenever I see pandan icecream on the menu, I think of my brother and Sunny Hill icecream.

She’s getting so big now!

Sometimes I really 服了that husband of mine. He can come back from work at 8pm, hand wash and scrub the bathroom mats, wash the kids’ shoes, eat dinner, shower then work on the coffee table that he is building himself! Maybe he enjoys this furniture building and DIY work like how I enjoy baking after work? But his hobby seems a lot more labour intensive than mine, and the fruits of my labour are sweet and satisfactory too 😬.

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