An update

She loves her dresses and skirts so much, everyday she’s asking whether she can pick out her dress for school. My sweet, spirited little girl. She has been exuding cheeky and stubborn tempers now and then, but most of the time she’s a sweet little girl.

This one just loves her food. But poor bubba has been fighting a stomach bug and has gastro. Aargh just when I thought she had recovered, she has the runs like 6 times today. She’s in a lot of discomfort and is very clingy, my poor girl.

I am not going to give her fresh milk for her while, I’m wondering whether she’s having too much dairy?

When they play happily together it’s so lovely to watch. Having two so close to age was tough parenthood but I really think it was worth it.

R and I will be going on a short getaway to Sydney soon, sans kids! I am both excited and very nervous for my parents. I also know I will miss the girls and am feeling very guilty especially when Saitaoha begs to go on a holiday. Clever girl senses her parents are going somewhere without her. It makes me think this is the last trip in a long long while that I will go without my kids.

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