Three years and counting

It’s almost the end of the work week and I’m glad. Work hasn’t been too bad, but there’s a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of motivation. Some days I think I should find another job, other days I enjoy learning new things and gaining knowledge. Some days I think I’m lucky that work is relatively stress free and allows me flexible work line balance, other days I feel sad that I’m not challenged at work and my skills/experience are not utilised and wasted.

Some days I just want to stay at home with the kids and pull the covers over my head. Most days I’m glad to head out to work, to feel a sense of purpose besides being a mummy.

The kids have settled well back home and are revelling in having a normal schedule and home cooked food again. They’ve grown up so much during this trip, I have to admit Saitaomei is no longer a baby and Saitaoha has left toddlerhood and is a bright little girl now.

In a week Saitaoha will be three. So I will have been a mother for three years, wow. So much sweat, blood, tears and joy throughout these years. Time flew and time crawled.

Love her to pieces, my spoilt, sweet and bright little girl.

Love my mischievous, cool and determined Mei mei.


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