Wow I didn’t realise the last time I blogged here was six days ago. What have I been doing?

There was dim sum with my parents and kids. It was a lot of fun because I like spending them with my parents a lot, and Saitaomei was bring her funny foodie self again. She loves dimsum a lot! Saitaoha enjoyed herself too, she’s getting a lot closer to her sister and likes playing with her. Only sometimes she’s a bit too boisterous and we have to remind her to be gentle.

Hehe check out that happy icecream truck driver. Jeje was err not as thrilled being the passenger. My ah pa spoils them because he actually pays for these rides whereas I usually just let them sit in them. I don’t remember these rides being a huge part of my childhood but they seem to feature a lot in my kids’ childhoods so far.

The foodie strikes again! I love her eyelashes, Saitaoha also has lovely long lashes too. They didn’t inherit my small eyes and short lashes thank goodness, but I recently did eyelash extensions so now maybe I look a little like my daughters??

It came as a surprise to my family I think because I’m usually very kiam and quite low maintenance. I hardly ever cut my hair, I don’t do manicures or pedicures, my makeup is usually so light it looks like I don’t have any on 😅. But for some reason I just went crazy and wanted to look nice for Chinese New Year! Now I kinda love having the extensions (it’s so handy to look made up without making up!) but I’m not sure I could go back every other month …

This is the start of something bad…now I definitely want to get my eyebrows embroidered and maybe finally curl my hair ? It’s nice to look good and feel good about yourself though, so addictive. I’m also looking forward to getting back to some exercise activity again. This is my year of recovery and I think it’s off to a good start!


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