Christmas 2018

It’s almost the end of a fun but tiring Christmas Day. I probably overdid it with the cooking and two sick kids so I’m lying down with an ice pack now 😬.

My Christmas breakfast was a very unglamorous Nutella on toast and coffee made by the husband. It was nice hanging out at home with the kids and husband even though I was a bit sian that the kids are still unwell.

Saitaoha is really loving Christmas and the unwrapping of presents. She’s been so spoilt this Christmas, her presents are all so lovely and ginormous! Papa has been busy installing all her toys 😅.

Jo was so nice to invite us over for brunch. It’s so nice when someone else is cooking for a change and they’re always such good hosts. Of course Saitaoha had so much fun with her cousin, I think she wants Christmas to never end.

Malaysian Christmas dinner of bak kut teh, loh bak, vegetarian curry, ngo hiang, stir fried sweet potato leaves. I thought everything was quite delicious, but I think I just like home cooked food with the family. Everyone seemed to enjoy dinner, we had chocolate cake and durian cheesecake did dessert afterwards *burp*.

The kids had fun playing with their Christmas presents and afterwards we were dancing and singing Christmas songs. A memorable Christmas of the best sort, filled with good food, loved ones and lots of joy.


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