I kinda really hate my life at the moment. Not being able to sleep at night then crashing in the morning whilst others look after the kids for me is just depressing. All the painkillers are making me feel nauseous and the crazy sleeping patterns make me feel so lethargic and useless.

This morning I couldn’t even get up to make breakfast for R and Saitaoha. By the time I got up both of them had left to go shopping 😭. I feel like my life is in some grey fog and I’m trying to claw my way out of it.

Having said that, I had my first physio session today and it was quite promising. I also did some of the recommended exercises tonight and will do them diligently everyday. It was quite funny because the daughters were very amused with my floor exercises. Saitaoha started copying me and Saitaomei just clambered all over me. We ended up laughing quite a bit.

Ah ma agrees that it’s been a particularly bad year for me. Can’t catch a break on any front!

But sometimes I think how can it be bad when I have my funny little girls? They really are the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dark and long the journey is ahead, I always have them to show me the way towards the light. Just wait for me my daughters, I promise I’ll get there soon.

2 Responses to “Light”

  1. 1 5feetfive November 12, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Hang in there!! It’s fortunate you have your folks around to help you out. – big hugs –

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