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The last Sunday

Saitaomei and I slept in on Sunday morning. It was 9.30am and I would have kept on snoozing except my firstborn figured out how to open doors and came in with a chirpy ‘good morning mummy!!!’

I quickly did a ssshhh sign and pointed to her sister who was still sleeping. ‘Good morning mummy!’ she whispered and gave me her big smile 😊. This child of mine, sometimes she makes me so angry when she doesn’t listen to my instructions and is so so stubborn, but sometimes she’s the sweetest and most affectionate child.

We tiptoed out of the room and she told me that she was hungry. I made father and daughter a big breakfast of French toast, bacon, mushrooms and sunny side up. Papa fed her off his plate with her making her little demands oh so politely ‘mushroom please papa! Pleasssseeee!’

I was cleaning up in kitchen and spied on them making thumbs up to each other after every other bite. It’s lovely to cook for your family that appreciates your hard work. I noticed that they graduated from thumbs ups, to high fives, fist bumps and funny hand gestures of a wide variety. ‘What are all these hand gestures?’ I asked R. ‘ It’s different every time and I just copy her!’ he tells me. Their own father daughter love language, they have such a bond these two.

But I’m not left out. I was sitting on our bean bag in the living room, lifted my head and locked eyes with Saitaoha who was at the dining table. She waved at me and I waved back ‘HI MUMMY!!’ she beams.

Then we hear a whimper and little cry.

‘Mei mei wake up!!’ Saitaoha declares and scrambles off her chair. The whole family rushes to the bedroom where Saitaomei is sitting up, red cheeked, bed hair and half awake.

‘Good morning mei mei!’ we all chime and drop kisses on her. Her sister also plants a kiss on her forehead and gives her a hug. Saitaomei smiles, her jeje is her favourite person in the world, Gung Gung being a close second.

Later in the day, we head out to Bunnings where Saitaoha climbs up to the highest point of the play structure at the encouragement of an older boy. He was so cute, he kept saying ‘please little girl! Come! Follow me!’ His father was like ‘Connor!! Are you being bossy?’ Connor replied ‘No daddy, just talking!’ So cute 😍.

Having not played enough, we brought Saitaoha to another playground. The weather was great, sunny but not too warm. There were at least three birthday parties held at that park and lots of kids.

We left after a while and everyone had a long afternoon nap. I left Saitaomei with my parents for a while and cooked a pot of chicken curry at home. Shared the curry with the family and we all met up at my parents’ house in the evening. The quiet home over the last couple of weeks was lively and bustling with activity again.

We went home and had dinner. Saitaoha self fed quite well at first, but took an eternity to finish. My nagging ended when she accidentally kicked the bowl I was holding in my hands and her leftover dinner upended on my lap. Sigh. I was furious but really I shouldn’t have been. My temper is so short with the recent leg pain. Who am I kidding, I’ve been a monster since the second child because I’m so exhausted and sleep deprived most of the time.

My favourite author is James Herriot, not just because his animal stories and vet anecdotes are so funny, touching and lovely , it’s because he seems like such a wonderful man. I distinctly remember his son confirmed this and said his father was a great father who never had a harsh word for his kids.

I mention this because I wonder how my daughters will remember me when I’m gone. Will they only remember my harsh words, my nagging and my raised voice? I really hope not. I need to do better.

It was a precious Sunday, one of family as all Sundays should be. It’s back to work tomorrow and my SAHM stint is over for the year. It was struck by illnesses and pain, but that was mostly fuzziness in the background. I spent every waking hour with my kids and whilst I admit there were frustrating times, I mostly loved being with them and having all that time to fully focus on just my family.

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