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Stupid leg

Sigh. I think I’m going to have to go to the doctor’s after all. What started as a twinge every now and then in the right leg is now a full blown stiff and achy leg which causes me to groan in pain every time I move 😓. I’ve been putting off going to the doctors with the hope the pain will go away. Ever since I fractured my foot this year, I’ve developed a phobia of going for more scans and medical appointments. There’s also the fear that something more sinister is lurking. Aiyah very sian.


11pm update. I didn’t get to go to the doctor’s after all. Nap times, bath times, feeding times all fell in place and there just wasn’t time to go. Ah well. Maybe next week? Meanwhile I’ll just start popping painkillers.

On a positive note, I managed to put both kids to sleep in the same room at the same time! I was complaining to Ah ma that Saitaoha sleeps better with me but that I can’t tend to her because I’m with Saitaomei in the other room. She suggested to try having them both in the same room. I’ve tried on and off for the past year but usually give up when one starts wailing and waking the other up. Maybe they’re ready to sleep together now that they’re older? Wish me luck tonight.


Life will be much easier when the kids are older. But yet I don’t want them to grow up because they’re so lovable at this age. Such a dilemma. No wonder Peter Pan never wanted to grow up.

Saitaoha in glasses, so grown up!

This was her favourite, her ice cream obsession is still going strong.

Melancholy baby.


Not amused but I find her so cute.

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