Moon cake festival

The last long weekend of the year (before Christmas) was a blast. We had both kids for the long weekend and it was just nice as being altogether. The nights were not great of course, but R’s tolerance for disrupted nights had level upped considerably.

This girl is a sweetie sometimes, but she is also the demanding first born.

This little monk is too cute. She’s so mischievous and curious at this age, she’s also very generous with her grins.

The highlight of the long weekend was our movie date and ramen dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Trying out the new coffee place at Raine square with my sister. The bagel was good but oh so expensive. I really should be more hardworking and make my own breakfast at work.

And then it was pho with my other sister! Haha all these sister outings and all about food.

The saddest thing I heard at work today from my early 20s female colleague

I’m pregnant and I’m so worried. I don’t want to lose everything that I’ve worked so hard for. I’m worried that I will have to work my way up again

We live in Australia and it’s 2018. Why is this still happening?

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