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Happy birthday Ah ma

Ah ma and her granddaughters. It was ah ma’s birthday today, we had a simple celebration, some yummy food and a birthday cake.

My ah ma is such a fabulous mother, her birthday should probably have been celebrated with a bit more fan fare. But I’m not sure she would have wanted it that way, she’s always saying don’t mahuan. In fact, she chose to have ramen for her birthday lunch, putting my Ah pa’s preference before her own as usual.

It was a yummy lunch, for me, it was nice just spending time with my parents.

I count my blessings that my kids are getting to grow up with their loving grandparents. I also know how lucky we are to be able to have my parents living a stone’s throw away. For almost a decade, we lived apart in different countries. Contact was through daily emails and occasional phone calls. Perhaps a trip home every year for a few weeks?

I pinch myself sometimes to think how great it is that I get to see my parents all the time now. May we never take that for granted.

Ah ma is the cliche doting grandmother who eats all the bones and leaves the meat for her kids. I know how difficult and tough it is for her looking after my kids, it’s tough for me physically and mentally, it must be even more tiring for Ah ma. And yet she does it with grace, love and patience. I’ll be thankful if I could be half as good a mummy to my kids as she is to me.

Happy birthday Ah ma. May your worries fly away, may your dreams come true, may you be happy and healthy always.

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