Mine! All mine! 😂

Saitaomei is at such a cute age, she’s been giving us so much joy 😍. I especially love it when she flashes her smile at me, but let’s face it, I’m bias towards my kid, I even find her cute when she cries.

Hi mummy, I is standing. This is her favourite activity nowadays, pulling herself to standing and wobbling on her unsteady feet.

My big girl. She’s so expressive nowadays, her latest thing is saying ‘how about xxx?’ when she’s asking for something. For example if we ask whether she would like some rice for lunch, she might ask ‘how about corn?’ as an alternative. It really works this suggestive tone of hers!

Still obsessed with selling icecream. I wonder whether she will ever outgrow this, I hope not.

We are so pleased that she’s settling well in her new daycare, she doesn’t cry at drop offs anymore and hugs her teacher.

Work is a bummer nowadays. But I have good friends who are always supportive (and will buy you chocolates, flowers and glitter bomb you to let you know that they’ve got your back) and a lovely family who are always there for me. I have my cute Saitaomei who stretches her hands out to me for a cuddle and my Saitaoha who shrieks ‘mummy!mummy!’ when she hears me turning the house keys. What else can I ask for?

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