Father’s Day

The weekends are usually quite tiring because we have both kids. When they’re both together under one roof, it means disrupted sleep and generally lack of sleep. But the weekends are also the best because both my babies are with me, and R!

So happy 😃. Saitaomei not quite getting the hang of selfies.

Hehehe, love Saitaoha’s smile in this picture.

Mei mei’s favourite person is her jeje.

Hello? Is it Father’s Day? As usual this munchkin wakes up early despite playing from 4-6am. Sometimes I wonder how I function with such poor quality sleep. Sometimes when I come home from work, I’m so exhausted that I can’t even bring myself to talk to R. So I’m completely silent for at least an hour and start feeling more human after a shower.

Naughty papa offering the bub coffee! She was very interested.

Happy Father’s Day papa R.

Another one of papa with his favourite girls. I truly believe Father’s Day was great for him because he loves his daughters. Plus, Saitaoha said ‘I Lapp you papa’ today and gave him a hug and kiss. That papa totally melted.

Italian for our family dinner. It was to celebrate my fabulous ah pa of course. He is the best ah pa and Gung Gung in the world hands down. Sometimes I feel sorry for R because I unfairly compare him with my ah pa, and no one in my eyes, can beat my ah pa in best father category.

Haha Saitaoha gives the thumbs up for the food. Actually the food wasn’t as good as usual, I’m not sure I would return. Oh wait, I have a voucher so I will haha.

Saitaomei was very good throughout dinner, keeping herself occupied with her cucumber slice.

This is the face of a baby who has had too many cucumber slices😂.

It was a simple day with simple presents, simple activities like grocery shopping with the kids and dinner with the family. The kids were extra sweet to their father today and I’m glad because being a papa is pretty tough so they deserve all the love, recognition and celebration too. Happy Father’s Day to the wonderful papas out there.

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