Back in our Kuching home, we had a Malay family as neighbours. I still remember Aunty cooked the best ayam masak merah which she would gift a pot to us during Chinese New Year. We always visited their beautiful home during Hari Raya and they would visit ours during CNY. It was nice having lovely neighbours and we were sad when they eventually moved away.

During my nomad uni life I had lots of different neighbours, most of them we didn’t even know by sight. We were quite friendly with our last neighbour though, especially after Saitaoha came along.

My parents and I live a house apart, and luckily we have the nicest neighbours that live between us! They are so polite, generous and friendly. Every couple of days they will knock on my parents door to gift them with fruits and veggies from their garden. Aunty often gives us food that she has cooked like buns, curry puffs and spring rolls.

Yesterday they dropped off a giant pot of Burmese noodle soup, it was our first time trying this national dish, R really liked it.

So in return we cooked them Sarawak laksa, haha, I am loving this neighbourly exchange of culture. Mostly I’m just really pleased that my parents are getting such a warm welcome to Australia by their lovely neighbours. I’m glad neighbourly relations are still strong and thriving in our neighbourhood.


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