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Standing room only

Monday coffee at this coffee place aptly named Standing Room Only. Their coffee is really pretty good. Nowadays I get my caffeine fix from Max and Co which I think is ok only. But I always end up going there because they have lactose free milk so I can order chai latte for my lactose intolerant sister. Sometimes I get into the lift filled with people all holding on to their precious coffees ‘all pretending to be adults with our oh-so-adult coffees’ I think. I’m one of the crowd too. Most of the time I still feel I’m a kid, most comfortable hanging out with my parents in their bedroom.

Happy baby picture of the day. She’s so filled with smiles and giggles lately. I love my babies. Tomorrow Saitaoha comes home with us. Earlier in the evening, she said goodbye to me happily. I felt so comforted because I know she’s really happy with my parents in their cozy little home. She’s so well taken care of and so loved. My parents had to sacrifice a lot to help me look after my kids, I hope they think it’s worthwhile, because they are having a wonderful childhood and my parents have a lot to do with it.

I was telling R about my latest project at work. It struck me that I haven’t sounded so excited and happy about work in a long time. I love learning new things, it’s not so foreign that I feel out of my depth, but it’s interesting enough that I feel I’m gaining knowledge day by day. Best of all, there’s no urgency to my work, in fact, it’s best to take time to ponder and analyse the work properly. I can switch off the computer when the clock strikes four and go home to my family with no pang of guilt or stress. I could get used to this.

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