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Saitaomei is 9 months old

Saitaomei turned 9 months a couple of days ago. Poor baby is suffering from second child syndrome, most of the time I can’t remember how old she is and I’m not even sure of her milestones.

I do think that she’s remarkably cute though (mum bias) and keep telling R that I’m going to miss the baby stage so much.

This baby is a foodie like her sister was, she’s eating solids like a champ and is maintaining her round figure well. She’s a quiet observant baby most of the time, but has recently learned to shriek for attention. Her favourite person is her jeje I think, she always beams when she gets attention from Saitaoha.

She’s not quite crawling yet but showing all signs of starting too. Definitely shuffling with her butt and getting pretty mobile. I actually feel a bit sad thinking she’s going to crawl and start walking soon, sigh she’s probably going to be last baby, why are you growing up so quick bubba?

Sigh I hope this means her sleeps will get better soon, she’s not that bad but could be better. Ah ma and I would be so much more energised if she STTN!

Saitaomei’s favourite activity is going out, she gets upset if she sees us going out without her. Happiest when we’re out at the shops where she can people watch all day.

Saitaomei is enjoying our new playroom too. We might be in this house for a while more, I’m glad the kids will have a cosy room of their own to play in. R and I have more plans for this room, it just takes time and effort to DIY it ourselves. But there’s lots of satisfaction in seeing how the kids love the room.

Roast pork dinner tonight, I invited my parents over because I’ve been wanting to make roast pork for my ah pa for some time. They were admiring the new furnishings in our house which are not that new, just that they haven’t been over for quite some time! Even though they live a stone’s throw away, I usually go to theirs instead.

I actually love walking to their house with Saitaoha. We have our little chats and she points out the flowers, the clouds and the sky. Then she will gasp happily ‘it’s Gung Gung Mah Mah’s house!’ and ask to ring the doorbell. She loves their house and sees it as her second home. I guess we are very lucky to have two lovely houses to call home.

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