Mayday mayday

😓 Both kids and ah ma are down with some mystery bug. Saitaoha vomited three times last night and Saitaomei wailed from 2-6 am. Needless to say I didn’t go to work today and my parents are so tired because they had Saitaoha and were probably cleaning kid and room up all night.

Saitaoha is feeling better and quite cheery, but she’s also very clingy. Saitaomei is extra clingy too so this is not a good situation. I’m carrying the bub to sleep and can hear Saitaoha next door saying ‘my mummy. Where is my mummy?’ Sigh at times like this I wish I could clone myself.

It’s almost 9.30pm and I still haven’t had dinner. I have this stubborn idiotic obsession of wanting to eat my dinner alone and at least in peace. So sometimes this means no meals until late at night when both kids are asleep. Why am I so idiotic ah?

Examining the remote control. I remember when Saitaoha was this age she was obsessed with the remote control and loved chewing on it.

Uh oh. Unhappy kid alert. My strong lungs munchkin

Song ah Saitaoha? Earlier in the day when ah pa brought her out for a spin at Bunnings.

I hope ah ma and the kids recover soon!

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