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My day

Yesterday I was walking back home from the bus stop when I met my neighbour who was weeding her garden. She said ‘you look very tired!’

My days start at 5.30am which gives me half an hour to pump, wash bottles and shower. Then Saitaomei gets up at 6am and I feed her. I get dressed, blow dry my hair and made up in the living room while she plays on the mat. Around 7.15am, she is showing signs of sleepiness, R and I bundle her up and bring her over to my mother’s. He drops me off at the bus stop and it takes half an hour to get into the city. The work day officially starts at 8am.

Depending on my workload, I try to clock off before 4.30pm so I can catch the bus to get home around 5pm. In the span of an hour, I cook dinner, pump and shower. Then I go over to ah ma’s to get the babies, spend some time with them, go home, maybe eat dinner late depending on whether the baby is due a nap or needs feeding. If there’s time, I make lunch bentos, fold laundry or do a load of washing. Another round of pumping then I put baby to bed. Lights out at 9 or 10pm. If possible, I try to read after lights out, because that’s my me time. I haven’t been able to last long for the past couple of nights coz just too sleepy.

And yet, I think my parents have it worse because they look after both kids during the day!

Some days my body is thrown out of whack because Saitaomei decides to surprise me by waking up at 4 am instead! This was today ๐Ÿ˜ญ.

It really takes a village to raise your kids.


Today’s work day was brutal. And yet I am the least productive that I’ve ever been in my working life perhaps. The CEO stopped by my desk today and we had a chat about my grandmother and her mother. It was nice. Then she suddenly said ‘oh yes! Have I discussed my plans for you?!’

Inwardly I thought ‘ohh the non existent plans that I’ve been hearing about for ages ah’ but I shook my head ‘no you haven’t’.

‘Come! Let me make a cup tea and come in and we will discuss my PLANS for you.’

So like a lamb I trotted into her office where she told me of a new project that she wants me to work on. ‘Would you be interested?’ she asked. I knew the decision had already been made for me, but luckily I was interested.

It will be a learning curve, but the key word is learning, for my fear is that I’m growing stagnant in my job. I need to grow and I already know what I need to know in my previous field. It sounds like a quiet role, one where I can self manage and not have to look after others. That sounds good. I need a job that I clock off from at 5pm and not worry about for the rest of the day.


I thought there’s no way I would or could go out after I reached home. Turns out your kid can banish all exhaustion with a hug and a kiss.

Ah pa told me yesterday that Saitaoha had been looking out for me all day, especially when the sky darkened, because she knew it meant I would be home soon. She kept asking him to open the door saying that mummy was coming. I was surprised to see the door unlocked when I came in. He said he felt bad for her so opened the door to let her see that mummy wasn’t here yet. ‘She was quite ko lian’ he said.

My heart broke a little.

Today when we went to fetch her, she kept repeating ‘go home’ and wouldn’t leave the house entrance, thinking I would sneak off and leave her behind again ๐Ÿ˜ญ. She was so happy when we carried her home. So I asked R to bring her out to gai gai at the shops.

Mummy are you coming?

Running with glee. โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™

My firstborn. My baby. Our princess.


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