Kuching festival

Oh hai. I am at my favourite spot, on Mah Mah’s lap in the front seat of the car. I am happy you be back in Kuching because I love my car rides and my VIP seat.

No yummy hawker food for me, so I chew on my dummy loh.

Jeje was supposed to share this kolo mee with koko, but she couldn’t stand the heat and had a meltdown instead, everyone was staring at her.

I brought her away to calm her down but couldn’t even get her to cool down because this ah pek was just standing there, staring at us and saying ‘yi jor mik kao?’ (Why is she crying?) It took superhuman effort for me to bite my tongue and refrain from snapping ‘mai kaypoh uncle!!’

Prawn noodles, a dish that my parents love and we used to have many times during our childhood. It was never my favourite and is still so-so to me now.

My grandmother was so alert today, I haven’t seen her bright eyes stare at me for ages, but she seems so much better now.

Kids looking a bit apprehensive.

We went for a quick spin at Kuching Festival, I haven’t been for at least a decade. It used to be so much fun as a child and teenager, I knew it wouldn’t be great now but I still wanted to go for old times’ sake.

Lots of food stalls but all selling pretty similar stuff like Taiwan sausages, ice cream and bbq meat. Nothing looked appealing but we had lots of ice cream because it was so hot.

Saitaoha was acting up and super cranky, passerbys kept commenting that her cheeks were fiery red.

She insisted on carrying her Peppa pug balloon instead of letting it float.

Admiring Tristan Koko’s balloon. We quickly bought some takeaway and cabut. If I ever make it back to the annual Kuching festival again I probably won’t go again!


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