Saitaomei on her first slide, I think she enjoyed it. I kept having flashbacks of Saitaoha at the same playground when she was younger. Oh how she has grown.

So happy tagging along with her favourite LG jeje. You could hear her shouting ‘careful LG jeje!’ over and over again as her agile cousin clambered up and down the bars. LG jeje would reply patiently ‘I’m OK!!’ At first I was worried she would attempt to go on the bars that were much to difficult for her age, but she seems to know what is above her means and kept to the ones appropriate for her age.

My little girl is a proper little missus now. She’s a handful and can be a terror sometimes, but she’s also very funny and makes us laugh a lot.

She’s going to miss her LG jeje so much when the holiday is over, definitely the highlight of her trip is spending so much time with her cousins, yee yees and yee zhang.

I’m so so glad Saitaomei is still my chilled baby. I love the babyness of her, don’t know what I’m going to do with she grows up 😭.

This baby enjoyed herself at The Line buffet, chomping on bread.

My plates were pretty much all sashimi. The buffet was ok only, I would like to try others!

All the nonya kuih which were pretty to look at but average only.

The National Day beef rendang burger from Burger King was quite tasty but the fries were so bad.

The Teh Tarik pie was pretty good though! Really had Teh Tarik flavour.

We went to Tung Lok He Xi for their games Peking duck. My Bil loves Peking duck so we ordered a whole one. It was really good, even though I didn’t get to eat much because my kids were acting up. Luckily my sister kept wrapping pancakes for me (popping candy was very interesting!) which I devoured at my brief moments at the table.

My bil was so kind to take the kids out for walks now and then, sacrificing his time with his precious duck 😅. My family have all been incredibly helpful and understanding lah, I feel very bad because with two kids in tow, I’ve made travelling and outings a lot more troublesome and stressful.

All these lovely Peking duck photos were taken by my sis. I was missing in action, probably hiding in a corner somewhere rocking the wailing baby to sleep.

Free salted egg fish skin was moreish.

I liked the duck tongue too, I thought the quality of food was all excellent, would love to return with my ah pa.

We are all suffering from sore feet/back from too much walking and sore guts from too much eating. Surely the signs of a good break?


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