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Daddy’s girls

Sigh I have to admit that my baby girl is no longer my baby. Why Saitaoha have you grown up so quickly ?

Never fear mummy! I am still a baby!

This Saitaomei was so happy to be awake during the World Cup final last night. She was supposed to be down for the night but woke up halfway πŸ˜”.

Another daddy’s girl in the making *shake head*.

Glad that Monday is almost over, only my third week and I already hate Mondays haha.


Saitaomei loves music 🎢. She’s now drifting off to sleep with Bridge Over Troubled Waters playing in the background. Earlier she was still shrieking angrily because she couldn’t fall asleep, but once I put on The Carpenter’s We’ve Only Just Begun, it was like magic, she calmed down instantly and her eyelids started drooping. I think this girl will grow up loving the Oldies because that’s what her Gung Gung and Mah Mah love. In fact, we girls love the Oldies too because that’s what we grew up listening to. My friends used to laugh when I requested 邓丽君 during karaoke or tell them that I like Cliff Richard songs.

Yesterday Mah Mah was excitedly showing us this playlist of Oldies that her friend sent her, all her favourite songs. Before we knew it, we were dancing up a storm in the bedroom, my ah ma, my sister and I and the kids. Tristan and Saitaoha were delighted, ‘dancing !!! Mummy dancing!’ Saitaoha laughed while attempting to do the twist. Mah mah carried Saitaomei and twirled around with her. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Ah ma so excited and happy. They all laughed when I took off my coat because it was getting hot. Such a joyous moment and one I will tuck into my warm and fuzzy memory box forever.

My sister and ah ma made us poke bowl for dinner. Very nice too!

Ms Mak Kim Kim strikes again

Saitaomei ah… don’t you know it’s the weekend?? This means you can sleep in ok? More importantly, mummy wants to sleep in too!

But mummy, 6.00am is sleeping in for me, I’m usually up at 5.30am remember ? I gave you an extra half an hour lie in !

No need to thank me ok? I know I’m a good baby ☺️.

Simple pleasure is making your weekend kopi in a glass mug that resembles the ones used in Malaysia kopitiams πŸ˜€. I miss Kuching and Singapore but I’m going back soon! Hehehe.


Hehehe πŸ˜‚

So glad it’s Friday! I was still groggy from the lack of sleep for the past two nights. Kids are sleeping terribly.

But the yummy lunch we had today made up for it! I met up with my nephew and sis for lunch, I love being able to hang out with my sis all the time so much. I hope she works in the city forever. The scallops were so good, we really want to come with my mum again.

Another favourite was seared salmon, yums.

Oh these gorgeous bunch of people that I used to work with. It was farewell drinks for the last member from my team, heartbreaking but I’m so happy for him because he’s chasing his dreams.

Met up with the family for a Pepper lunch dinner. This is Saitaoha’s serious aiji eating face.

Hehe her squinty grin.

Papa, I want aiji too!

Looking forward to the weekend with the kids. Please sleep well tonight, thank you πŸ™πŸ».

Working from home

Working from home today with Saitaoha. It brings back memories of when I first started working from home at the end of my first bout of maternity leave.

She was 7 months then and very cheeky. I remember she used to bang on my laptop and once took my work mobile and called a VIP πŸ˜….

I used to send photos of my ‘work mate’ sitting next to me to my colleagues ☝️. My colleagues loved these photos and she developed quite a following.

This time round it’s a lot easier working from home with Saitaoha. Only because my parents have Saitaomei, my work is a lot less hectic and Saitaoha is now a little girl. Instead of banging on my laptop, she took great delight in pointing out all the numbers and alphabets on the keyboard ‘It’s W mummy! Look it’s W!’ She still likes sitting next to me while I work, she watches videos and snacks on nuts, every now or then turning to me to chatter. She also gets off her chair and cooks me a meal on her kitchen set when I’m peckish haha.

Again I’m struck by how lucky I am to have my girls and my family with me.

Bus ride

Quiet in the city because it was 7.30am. I took the bus to work today because my sister couldn’t go in to work. I guess that’s what life will be like post school holidays.

My bus stopped outside Mary Street Bakery so I waltzed in for a coffee.

Their famous donuts looked so good, I bought one for my colleague because it’s his last week at work! He used to be part of my team, which means my team has dwindled to just myself 😭. I have to say I’m not missing the paperwork that comes with managing ppl.

Ah ma sent a photo of my monkey jumping on the bed. That’s her favourite song nowadays.

I’ve been getting ‘you haven’t filled your time sheets’ emails and figured it was sent it error because I haven’t filled one for years and it’s not required for my level. But turns out that this is our new policy, everyone fills out time sheets! I know usually people would be unhappy about that but I’m thrilled because I can now flex days off with my extra time woohoo.

Saitaomei is enjoying her jeje’s lamb.

So happy my bubba. My parents dote on her so much.

See? They bought her another new toy, now she has her own vroom vroom.

Errr…. πŸ˜‚

School holidays

Saitaomei and Tristan koko during school holidays. Ah ma sends us updates of the kids while we are at work, it’s so nice to see these photos, it makes the work day go faster!

Saitaomei saying to jeje ‘jeje you still in pjs ah?’

Mah mah can I have some aiji pretty please?

You know, like the kind my jeje gets to eat?

Ahh have to wait till I’m two? Ok!! I’m sure that won’t be long, mummy says I’m growing very fast nowadays. Promise ah mah mah!

Kids are so precious and innocent, I wish no children ever had to suffer. Their days should be filled with ice cream, rainbows and sunshine everyday.

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