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Hoi ngao dan pok

Yippee I’m still in Kuching!

This is the face of a happy baby who is having a glorious time being pampered by all her yee yees and cousins. Tristan loves Saitaomei and plants kisses on her forehead every now and then, he even offers her his previous blue bear hehe.

Chomping away on her teething rusk, she can chew on these for ages. But what a mess, when she’s done, she’s covered with dried rusk on her hair, her nose, everywhere!

I haven’t been able to go out much because it’s too much a hassle to bring out both kids. Instead my family will dapao yummy meals back for me.

Like this delicious kueh chap and kopi from Stutong market. I was savouring this yummy meal and having a great conversation with my niece who was sharing all her toy creation ideas with me. I supervised the kids whilst the adults went out, the kids play well when their parents aren’t around! It’s a good bonding session for me too because I hardly get to spend time with the kids.

Nowadays ice kachangs don’t come in plastic packets, I mourn for the old days.

Ahhh finally kolo mee pang ang for dinner. It was still good even as a takeaway.

Chillax Saitaomei on ah ma’s lap, she is loving her car rides. Even though she’s an easy baby during the day, the nights are hard on my parents because she won’t settle till late, waking the whole household with her crying.

Ah ma says she’s ‘hoi ngao dan pok’, strong lungs (scream until lungs break) in foochow😅?

Not many pictures of my firstborn, she moves too fast and won’t pose for pictures. She’s a little terror and a mighty handful. Having two children means I’m always neglecting one for the other, you never win lah.

No one but a fellow express breastfeeding mum will understand the frustration and stress of having to maintain a supply and tediousness of three hourly pump sessions.

I was gradually decreasing my pumping sessions with the safety net of my frozen stash which I know will last Saitaomei till she’s one. But because we are travelling, my safety net is gone and I’m back to building supply again. It makes me all grouchy and sullen, I want to lock myself away from others with a big sign ‘MISS GRUMPS ALERT, will BITE, do not touch or talk to her’

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