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Saitaoha’s first play centre

The gwai baby who loves going out. Today I met up with the in laws and she was a delight. Saitaoha on the other hand.. her gong gong asked for a hug and she firmly said ‘no!’ This kid is so stubborn and strong willed, my sister and mother say she takes after me. Karma is a b*tch hey?

We brought the kids to a play centre, Saitaoha’s first time and she loved it. I like it that we were the only customers there, kids had lots of fun and Saitaoha enjoyed herself thoroughly.

Emm she’s actually too small for this slide but she follows her bigger cousins on everything they do.

Gotta love ball pits, even though my sister scared me with all these horror stories of syringes in the pits yikes.

look how sweaty and tired she was afterwards. She didn’t eat much dinner and had a meltdown when we were home because she was too tired. Too much fun for this little one me thinks.

Dapao-ed food for dinner, all quite tasty I think, or maybe I was hungry.

Snails or ley as we call it that we didn’t manage to eat from yesterday’s dinner, it’s been years since I’ve had it and I still like it!

I’m very envious of my sisters because their kids are so mature and easy to look after. But yet I don’t want my kids to grow up haha. My parents and sisters have been helping me so much with the kids, I’m so thankful to have such supportive family members. Even though this trip is not really a holiday, it is becoming a really memorable one because the cousins are having a lovely time together and I’m grateful to spend time with my sisters.

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