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Day two

Brunch of our very bak kut teh. The bkt uncle saw us trooping in one after another and said to my father in hokkien liao liao teng lai ah? (All back home?)

I couldn’t eat much because I was tending to a very fiddly Saitaoha. She’s so much harder to bring out compared to the chilled Saitaomei! She’s also feeling the heat a lot more.

Dinner at Pending seafood because ah pa wanted to bring Tspellstrouble for her favourite crabs. Unfortunately the stall that he wanted to bring us to was not open! We were the very first customers of an odd stall with very err old school equipment.

I don’t think they make high chairs like these anymore. We were very amused when they gave us large stones to crack crab with. Stones leh! They actually put two stones on a plate and quietly put it next to ah pa. I wish we took a photo 😂.

Noticed how cool and happy Saitaomei is?

Herrow, everyone eat crab I eat dummy!

In comparison her hot and sticky jeje who couldn’t sit still and refused to eat.

I must say the kids are having a whale of a time, our Aunty came by and was so surprised that the kids were still awake so late at night. Saitaomei in particular is loving going out everyday and car rides.

I can’t speak for the other adults but I’m knackered. I wish I had the kids’ energies. Probably coz I’ve been running on low fuel for a while, it doesn’t take much to run me down. I wonder when I can ever feel rested, maybe when my kids are five? Son son 😭.

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