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We’re home

Yes, this is how I feel about the long travel home.

The flights weren’t too bad, kids were pretty good mostly because Saitaoha was so pleased to be with her cousins. There’s also safety and comfort in numbers, so much easier with so many pairs of hands. But we are exhausted from the lack of sleep. Both kids still aren’t well and I’m coming down with something too. Poor ah ma doesn’t get any rest because she still has Saitaomei for the night 😖.

Sent papa this photo and he said she looks hot. She was dressed for Perth’s winter and was still hot even though we peeled the layers off her at KLIA.

If she was a better sleeper she would be the perfect baby. Lucky she’s so cute, the custom officer who was quite grim at first, broke into a smile when she stared intently into his camera, ‘like buns!’ he exclaimed. Hahaha my bao cheeks.

We’ve finally reached home and have seen our grandmother. She looks exhausted. I wish her suffering would end soon.

The next couple of weeks will be tough, something tells me my parents will need a holiday after this. At times like these I wish my kids would hurry grow up.

I just feel like such a failure as a mother. Because this was such a rushed trip, I didn’t plan anything properly. My child is screaming for milk and I have no milk for her because we didn’t get to go to the shops in time and I didn’t pack any formula. I dropped a pumping spare part and didn’t bring spares like I normally would so now I’m worried about supply and the extra time. Both kids are sleeping so badly and my parents are just exhausted. I want to take control but I feel so tired.

I hope things turn for the better soon.

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