Bus ride

Quiet in the city because it was 7.30am. I took the bus to work today because my sister couldn’t go in to work. I guess that’s what life will be like post school holidays.

My bus stopped outside Mary Street Bakery so I waltzed in for a coffee.

Their famous donuts looked so good, I bought one for my colleague because it’s his last week at work! He used to be part of my team, which means my team has dwindled to just myself 😭. I have to say I’m not missing the paperwork that comes with managing ppl.

Ah ma sent a photo of my monkey jumping on the bed. That’s her favourite song nowadays.

I’ve been getting ‘you haven’t filled your time sheets’ emails and figured it was sent it error because I haven’t filled one for years and it’s not required for my level. But turns out that this is our new policy, everyone fills out time sheets! I know usually people would be unhappy about that but I’m thrilled because I can now flex days off with my extra time woohoo.

Saitaomei is enjoying her jeje’s lamb.

So happy my bubba. My parents dote on her so much.

See? They bought her another new toy, now she has her own vroom vroom.

Errr…. 😂

1 Response to “Bus ride”

  1. 1 Magjunkie July 11, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    Hahaha that last pic is too cute!

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