Survived the first week

Starting my first Friday back at work with a TGIF breakfast with the ex teammates. We are all in different workplaces now but I’m glad we still made the effort to catch up. It was so so so good to see my favourite faces again, I’ve missed them a lot and it’s been hard returning to work knowing these guys aren’t there anymore.

So I survived my first week back at work relatively unscathed. The week flew by and I enjoyed it even though I was so tired last night that I fell asleep at 8! I konked out even before Saitaoha and was dead to the world.

Returning to work this time felt like wearing heels after a long hiatus of wearing flats. Wobbly, uncertain and a bit sore. The heels don’t quite fit anymore, but neither do the flats. I know this means I have to toss out the old and buy new shoes.

The plus side to returning to work this time, my sisters are now in the city! I never get to hang out with them without the kids so I’ve really enjoyed our coffees, train rides and lunches. It really does make the work day go faster and so much more fun.

The next phase of my work life and career is up in the air, funnily enough I’m not too fussed and quite content to stay low profile. For now, I’m happy to let nature take its course.


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