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First day back at work

First day back at work and no one is in the office! It was nice catching the train in with my sister though, lovely way to start the day.

This one thwarted my efforts to get up early and prep for work. She woke up at 6! Luckily she was happy to play by herself and watch me slapping on my work face haha.

Hopefully the first day goes by smoothly and I’m reunited with the bubs soon!

I got into work too early and no one was around. Luckily my sister and I now work in the same building (in fact all three of us are in the city now, how fun!) so she came out to join me for a quick coffee and muffin. So fun, it reminded me of the old days when we used to go shopping in the city after work. Now we fly 🚀 back to our kids instead 😬.

The work day flew by and consisted of lots of hugs and catchup with my old colleague, it was lovely to see the familiar faces again. Sadly a lot of my favourite people have left, but luckily we are friends outside of work.

Meanwhile back at Mah Mah daycare, the kids were having a great time playing together.

This kid is LG’s shadow, she loves her LG jeje. Why don’t you share that love with your mei mei ah?

Tried to keep the little one awake so she will sleep through the night, but she was so knackered she k.o-ed just like that!

First day back at work done and dusted. It was a pretty good day 😃.

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