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Chef Saitaoha

Ah ma made this yummy som tam today, it was so appetising and delicious, I’m salivating just thinking of it. I made pineapple fried rice and green chicken curry to go with our Thai themed dinner, so good .

Good knife skills Saitaoha! Why were we playing masak masak in the bedroom? I was trying to keep her occupied so her father could build her kitchen diner set in peace.

Demanding customer! I love it that the other side of the kitchen has two diner seats complete with menu. I’m going to move this set to ah ma’s place during the school holidays, the kids will have so much fun.

Such a good buy from Aldi. The down side is the kid is having so much fun that she refuses to go to bed 😅.

Avocado killer

I feel guilty for snapping at Saitaoha during our last weekend together before I return to work. But she was being so whiny and naughty this morning. The last straw was when she decided to adopt an avocado as a pet and threw a tanty when I blended up said pet for her sister’s breakfast!

I felt so terrible and cringed every time I hit the blender because the soft hearted one was crying ‘aaaaawwwoooCADOoooo’ in wobbly tones and pointing her finger at me. This is why you don’t have kids my friends. Because you will be made to feel like an avocado murderer by your child. 🙄🙄🙄

Sigh I really need to go to Watertown to grab some new clothes and bras (woes of breastfeeding) for work. But the thought of heading out with my terrific two is very underwhelming, I might wait till I return to work and go out during my lunch break instead. Sigh. I know I keep complaining about my babies, but I’m actually sad that I have to leave them and go back to work. I am also very worried for my parents, I don’t want them to age faster! They will have all four kids with them during school holidays too, really mah mah daycare man.

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