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Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Or is it Dumpling Festival?

Favourite part of the festival, eating my favourite bak zhang πŸ˜‹. We gifted our kind neighbour some bak zhangs and they gave us even more bak zhangs in return πŸ˜…. They keep giving my parents fruits and vegetables from their garden, so we try to return the favour with baked goods but we can’t keep up!

This time my sister and I went over with some chocolate cake that I baked as well as the bak zhangs. Ah pa gave us strict instructions to quickly gift and dash before they could give us anything in return, but we failed miserably. The uncle confiscated our umbrellas (it was drizzling) and wouldn’t let us leave empty handed. Such nice neighbours.

The whole family came over for dinner, ah ma was busy in the kitchen the entire day cooking two whole ducks, one nyonya asam duck (itik tim) and the other lor duck. Ah ma’s signature dishes πŸ‘Œwere yummy as usual. She has so many signature dishes haha, and I just realised lots of them are duck dishes! My brother loves her kiam chye ark a lot, I wish he was here so we could cook him more home cooked meals.

Must enjoy my cooking and baking days before I return to work 😭.

This cheeky girl loves singing nowadays. Lucky for her I am a captive audience and love her singing, so cute. I also love her dancing πŸ’ƒπŸ», sometimes she can be such a joy to be around. This monkey is going for her new daycare orientation tomorrow, I hope she likesit.

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