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IKEA family outing

The whole family went to IKEA today! Usually we try to avoid IKEA as much as possible, but we were sucked in by 👇

We were all checking the fine print for the full terms and conditions, but it is what it is, your meal value will be deducted from your total store purchase. So we ate loads, even ordering entrees and desserts, and our meal value was deducted from our purchases.

Haha this is what three adults ate! I don’t really like IKEA food, but it was still fun sharing desserts and eating with the family. Luckily we went really early when it just opened, there was still lots of parking space and we could snag a long table at the cafeteria. After that the line for the food was so long and everyone was hunting for tables and trolleys.

Saitaoha was so happy today because she could hang out with her cousins. She was following LG everywhere and even went up to her and said ‘jeje, hold hands’. So cute!

Happy girls.

After that everyone had soft serve ice creams. Saitaoha was delighted.

This girl ah, I thought she would sleep in her Tula but she was also happy to be out and about and stayed awake most of the time. My parents have her tonight, praying she will sleep through the night for them tonight.

Sigh, another weekend over. I have one more weekend before I’m back at work 😭.

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