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Meeting the girls

I was really happy that I felt well enough to meet my girlfriends for lunch today. It’s been too long! These are really my favourites gfs and I miss working with them a lot.

My ex boss quit her high power job and is now selling handmade artisan chocolates. It’s a hard slog but I think she’s happier now. She gifted us lots of her products to try. I gave my box of chocolates to my sister because I’ve tried them before. She cracked me up when she messaged me in disbelief saying ‘there’s gor liap nia’ (there’s only five chocolates). Gourmet chocolate is like that ok?! Hahahahaha. Hers is also gluten free, dairy free and possibly sugar free too, very healthy kind. I think her chocs are wasted on country bumpkins like us, we are the cheapo large block of Cadbury types.

But I know there’s a market for artisan chocolates that my friend makes so I really really hope she does well!

She gave us some samples of different chocolate products she’s trying out.

My delicious chicken bowl that I had for lunch, it was so sin free and yummy. I would love to recreate this at home.

Chatting with my friends brought to home how soon I’ll be returning to work. I am looking forward to it but I also worry about my parents being overtired with the two kids. I would put Saitaoha in daycare for more days but her doting gung gung doesn’t want me to. Hmmm really have to work out something to ease the load for my parents, maybe negotiate more work from home days 🤔. It’s so odd to think life will be so different in a few weeks, I think I had better go to the storeroom and dust off my heels and boots 🙄.

I am solo parenting tonight because R is at an engagement party. Luckily both girls seem to be out for the night at 9.30pm, almost unheard of. They are bound to wake up later but I will be able to handle it. One good thing about looking after both kids when my parents were away, I know I can do it now, it’s not easy but I can do it. Things are never as bad or as scary as they seem once you dive down and just do it ☺️. I did enjoy having my girls with me during that period, it was tiring but also fulfilling.

It is raining again, I’m hoping it stops by the time my sister’s flight is due to land in Perth. I am glad that we will all be together in Perth again. I love having my parents live so close to us, it’s a comfort that I never imagined for our future. It’s been a difficult year, but I must say that we’re very lucky to have each other.


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