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Parents are back

My parents are back 🎉🎉🎉! My first thought when I saw ah pa ‘Wah ah pa looks so young and refreshed!’ I, on the other hand, looked like crap, sallow face, dripping red nose and hacking cough. I wouldn’t go near myself with a ten foot pole. But my super parents had a hot mug of honey waiting for me at their house, sigh, so loved ok.

Ah Ma also lugged back soo many snacks for me! And Saitaoha received so many toys, she was so happy that when we went home, she looked at R and I and said ‘toys? Toys?’ Because there are no toys in our home haha.

We went to Aldi because I wanted to grab these British snacks for my sister and I. I used to love prawn cocktail walkers chips and my sis always bought them for me from UK. Now I can return the favour. R likes steak and kidney pie, not sure whether these will taste nice, I’ll review when we eat it.

Then we went home, Saitaoha and I had a long nap. I haven’t had an afternoon nap for a long time, only possible because my parents took Saitaomei home.

They have her tonight as well, please be good for gung gung and Mah Mah ok?

I don’t know, she looks very mischievous here. I was looking forward to sleep in our nice bed tonight (the bed in the other room gives me back pain) but I don’t think I can now because I’m coughing so badly. R and the kid will be kept awake by my constant blowing of the nose and coughs 😓.

So sad, I can’t eat any of the snacks too and to be honest, have no appetite. I’m hoping this is a quick recovery because I hate being sick 🤢!

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