Golden rainy days

We’ve been having thunderstorms in Perth and I love it! There’s something so cozy about huddling at home with husband and kids while the rain patters away outside. I love the sound of rain.

We actually ventured out to the shops even with the rain. Both kids fell asleep so R and I could even indulge in a sit down coffee and muffin for afternoon tea. Then we went home and pottered around the house doing housework and playing with the kids.

Dinner tonight was lamb steak with asparagus, sweet potato mash and pumpkin soup. Winter food I think.

Saitaomei staring intently at her first solid, she had some sweet potato mash too, only hers was mixed with breastmilk.

I think she liked it! I shall try her with avocado tomorrow, that was Saitaoha’s favourite food when she was a baby. R and I agree that babies at 6-12 months are at their cutest, he was kissing her today and saying we need to savour these golden days.

Lovely family day 💕.

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