Saitaomei is 6 months old

Herrow. This is me signature solemn look. I am trying to look mature because I’m very big now, I’m six months old! My mummy says I commemorated turning six months by refusing to sleep till 6am!

Nowadays I’m actually a lot more smiley and chuckle when my parents play with me. Mummy loves my giggles and can’t help smiling at me even when I give her my Ms Meerkat grin at 6am.

My favourite person has to be my jeje Saitaoha. I think I’m slowly worming my way into her heart! Today when she woke up, her first question as usual was ‘where’s papa?’ BUT her second question was ‘where’s mei mei?’ She even voluntarily gave me hugs today, so happy !!!

My mummy says papa said we had to get me a cake today (even though I can’t eat it so I think it’s more like for them loh *roll eyes*) since jeje had one every single month before she turned one. Cannot second child syndrome and neglect me you know.

Sigh this was the best photo they took of me and the cake. As you can see, my greedy guts jeje already had her fingers in the cake. She enjoyed the cake the most and wished me happy birthday ğŸŽ‰. Mummy says every other photo of us four was a major fail because our eyes were al on the cake. Jeje and I are going to be foodies when we grow up.

Otherwise it was a lovely intimate celebration for me. Mummy said her heart felt full tonight and that she loves us very very much.

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