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Driving to the shops

No venture no gain! Bought myself a bubble tea (I’m not even s bb tea fan but I wanted something to commemorate the event haha) as a reward for driving to the shops with both kids in tow.

To most people, driving to the nearby shops might seem like an easy peasy task, but for someone like me who has a morbid fear of driving, it’s a mammoth task! I was feeling bad about my sister having to help pick up Saitaoha from daycare yesterday. And instead of going over to her place to pick up Saitaoha (already considerably nearer compared to the child care centre), I chose the easy way out and waited for R to return from work before we both went to pick her up. When he was walked in visibly tired after a long day at work, I immediately regretted not driving on my own and making him have to drive out again after coming home. I hated myself for being a burden to my family just because I am a nervy driver.

In my mind I was gearing myself up to go to the shops the next day. But even so, I kept making excuses in my heart e.g. maybe R will drive the car with the car seats to work.

But I did drive out today, it was a quick nip in to Aldi to grab some necessities (and bubble tea). The girls were angels, Saitaoha chose to sit in the stroller and sat in there throughout the shop, Saitaomei was a peach in the baby carrier. Even the cashier helped out by helping me pack my groceries (you have to self pack in Aldi) 😀.

And best of all, both kids fell asleep on the way home and I made a successful transfer!! I am risking jinxing myself but it feels like a good day already 😁.


It was a bit chilly in the morning so I dressed Saitaoha in her new winter robe. She seems to like it a lot, phew, I was a bit worried given her hatred for jackets and coats.

Quiches are great for hiding lots of veggies. This one has asparagus, mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes. Saitaoha ate a whole slice by herself for lunch. She’s been eating well lately, thank goodness.

Her treat of Kinder Surprise, she was soooo happy. We took a video to show Mah Mah her egg. She’s been asking me where is Gung Gung Mah Mah, I tell her they’ve gone to work 😅. Today while watering the plants, Saitaoha staggered to me carrying a little stool and asked me to sit. I asked ah pa and turns out he sits on the stool when he gardens ♥️. Saitaoha melts us with her sweet gestures sometimes.

She was giggling in delight because her jeje was dancing. She seems to love her jeje but the love is not reciprocated, poor Saitaomei.

Then again, I don’t blame Saitaoha for resenting her sister. Today I was trying to carry and settle Saitaomei who was about to nap. As luck would have it, Saitaoha had to potty at the same time. I was hoping I would have settled Saitaomei by the time Saitaoha was done. Of course that didn’t happen, Saitaoha looked at me and said ‘finish!!’ and was going to get up. I panicked and shrieked ‘wait!!! Wait!’ while thinking where I could put the almost asleep baby. I could hear R’s car coming in the driveway too, so I kept telling Saitaoha not to get up and to wait. Poor girl started crying. Luckily her papa came in just then 😅.

This happens a lot where Saitaoha just has to suck it up because she’s older and I have to handle her mei mei first. She is so cheery and boisterous with her ‘Come on mummy!!’ (when she wants me to play with her’ and her ‘Hi mummy!!’ Sometimes I’m in the bedroom trying to put Saitaomei to sleep, just as her eyelids drop, Saitaoha will come bouncing in ‘HI MUMMY!!’ Eyelids snap open. 😓😓😓😓

Tonight she surprised me though. I was in the other room, it was darkened and I was putting Saitaomei down for the night. Saitaoha came in ‘Hi mummy!’ ‘Saitaoha, mummy is trying to make Mei Mei sleep, sssshhhh ok?’ I put my fingers to my lips.

She nodded, put her fingers to her lips and whispered ‘hi mummy!’ Afterwards she kept peeking in and whispering ‘come on mummy, come Saitaoha’s house’ (her room is her house haha). When I told her I would go to her house later, she nodded and whispered ‘bye mummy!’ then she closed the door behind her!

Wah my Saitaoha is growingup 😭.

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