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Easy wins

There are good days and there are bad days,today was a good day!

I took this photo to commemorate BOTH kids napping at the same time! Wah strike lottery! I wanted to blog about it straight away but I decided not to jinx myself and wait till the end of the day to blog whether it was a good day or not. They both napped at a decent time for a decent time too, hooray! I was torn between joining them for a nap, having a leisure lunch or prepping lunch bentos, in the end I chose to have a shower haha. That’s a luxury too, because there won’t be a kid crying outside your bathroom door.

I even had time to go over to my parents’ place to help water my Ah pa’s precious plants. After that I felt very tired though, baby wearing the little one and watering plants whilst entertaining the bigger one was a lot more exhausting than I thought it would be.

She makes me laugh. Saitaoha was also quite an angel today, please be like that for the remaining month thank you 🙏🏻. I am regretting signing her up for an extra day at daycare now, I think the commute there and back will be more stressful than having both at home. Ah well, we will see how we go tomorrow, if it’s not doable I’ll ask for a change again.Both babies are sleeping early tonight, yippee!

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