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Power out

Western Power is replacing a power pole/line outside my house so there is no electricity from 7.30am to 3.30pm. I was hoping it was just my house and I could go hang out at my parents’ place, but because they literally live a house away, they’ve had their power cut too πŸ˜….

So we all went out to the shops instead. My ah pa was so organised, he got up early to park his car outside the garage, I would have totally forgotten that power cut = garage door can’t open. Heng that my parents are a lot more seng mok than I am!

A few durian mochis later, both kids k.o-ed in the car during the ride home and we made a successful transfer ✌🏻. So both my parents are napping with the kids now while I am forced to do nothing but nua on the couch because no electricity = no cooking!

My parents and I took turns carrying the hefty Saitaomei at the shops. At one point Ah pa was carrying her in one arm and pushing the supermarket trolley with his other hand. I thought ‘he shouldn’t have to help me look after my baby’. I’ve been thinking of increasing Saitaoha’s daycare days when I return to work (quite soon😭). However Ah pa told me that he’s not comfortable with putting her in for so many days, his heart breaks when she cries during drop offs. He said he can help ah Ma with both kids especially Saitaomei. It reminded me of what my brother said to me after his holiday in Perth. He said that he had never seen my father in the caregiver mode because he was the youngest. During his trip, he was happy and surprised to see my father pulling his weight with the grandkids, it was heartwarming to see how tender and loving he is towards the little ones.

I’ve come to terms that I won’t be going back to Singapore/Kuching with them. For quite some time, I was still undecided especially when my sister decided that she was going to go too. Now I’m quite looking forward to it, I’m hoping my parents will have a lovely and restful holiday 😊. I will have to level up and do a lot more driving and multi tasking, let’s just hope I don’t kill R during this period 😐.

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