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That face 😂. This is her ‘ I don’t know why you’re taking photos of me when you should be picking me up’ face. Since we’ve been back, I have been smothering this one with cuddles and kisses, I’m sure if she knew how to, she would be pushing my face away going ‘enough! Enough!’

Her teeth came out while we were away so my poor parents had to deal with her restless and unsettled teething behaviour.

Homecooked dinner last night is Taiwanese 卤肉, stir fried cabbage and wintermelon pork rib soup. It was so nice to eat homecooked food after days of eating out.

Late night shopping session at Spudshed, love it that they are open 24 hours, unheard of in Perth. The icecream sales were so good, I bought a box of each for my parents and us.

Yesterday I felt like a mummy failure. I accidentally snipped Saitaomei’s finger when I was cutting her nails, then Saitaoha also fell from the sofa and hurt her lip. I was going to get up to stop her from climbing so high but was pumping, so too late and bang she goes. I really really hate pumping. I guess I am glad that at least I don’t have supply issues, but the frequent pumping to maintain supply, the washing, cleaning and storing takes up so much time and energy. It also doesn’t help that my breasts are pretty much mangled from the pumping, I have sores, flaking and cracked skin, even I shudder when I look at myself in the mirror.

I guess body image issues is also one of the reason why I bought zilch clothing in Melbourne. I just wish I could feel more in control again, physically and mentally.

The coming month will be tough because my parents will be away for three weeks. I warned R that we will probably be having lots of takeaway and very simple meals. I’m not sure he gets it though sigh 😔.

Part of me so wants to go back with my parents, but I’m not going to do it. They really need a break from the kids, I guess everyone needs one to stay sane.

Mother’s Day is coming up, how many mummies are wishing for a day off to sleep as their Mother’s Day present ?

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