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Last Day Melbourne

Reached home just shy of midnight. It’s a pity we reached home so late because I would have loved to bundle Saitaomei home.

I miss her so much!! Coming to fetch you soon bubba.

Lunch was at Mekong again, my father in law really wanted to try the pho there after R’s recommendation. He was also sucked in by their tagline ‘Bill Clinton had two bowls, how many can you have?’ I don’t think it’s true that Clinton ate there, but it’s true that lots of hk celebrities did.

After that my mil and sil went shopping while I made a coffee run at Sensory Lab which was located on the first floor of David Jones.

Not as good as Market Lane but still great coffee! I was satisfied 😊. I didn’t tick off most of my coffee hit list but I’m glad I had two fantastic ones that really hit the spot.

Early dinner at Tim Ho Wan, I’ve had THW before in Singapore but it was the first time for R’s family. They loved the dimsum!

Sil’s favourite was the baked BBQ pork bun.

The loh bak gou was very smooth and soft but could still hold its shape.

I enjoyed the 桂花糕 which was refreshing and pleasant.

Then it was time to say goodbye and head off to the airport. We thought Saitaoha would sleep during the flight like last time but she stayed awake the entire flight 😳. Luckily she was in a cheery mood most of the time, she ate her snacks, watched Peppa pig, shared our in flight meals (which were surprisingly tasty) and had lots of fun.

It was great that she enjoyed her holiday so much, I think apart from the loss of Xiu Xiu, R and I enjoyed the brief holiday a lot more because we got to experience simple pleasures through the lens of our child.

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