Melbourne Day 4

Good morning Melbourne! Last full day in Melbourne, we are flying out tomorrow 😭. I do like Melbourne a lot and didn’t do justice to this beautiful city this trip. Ahh well, maybe when the kids are older.

Headed to the Docklands for factory outlet shopping. My zilch shopping record still maintains but at least R bought stuff. My sister in law and mil were going strong, they’ve been buying stuff everyday. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased anything, sigh. I didn’t even have a coffee today!

oh wait! Does this count? These Red Rock Deli nuts are the bomb and were on sale. I snapped up so many but they’re mostly for my mil and sil . I always bought some for mg parents do they can give them to their friends as souvenirs.

So cute, Saitaoha made a friend at the shopping centre. It was love st first sight, both kids clasped each other’s hands and said hi! Hi! Then they held hands in the store with the bigger girl explaining to Saitaoha ‘This is a top! These are bags!’ Saitaoha repeated solemnly after her ‘top! Bag!’ Soo cute. They hugged each other when we left and kept waving goodbye.

This strawberry reminds me of a totoro. They were bought from Queen Victoria market, very sweet and big. Can you spot the little girl stuffing herself with strawberries in the background? She ate so many!

The adults had oysters for supper, I also had my first glass of wine after errr two years? Or three? It was very enjoyable but I was happy to stick to one glass.

R says he had enjoyed this trip and found it relaxing. We bought agreed that losing Xiu Xiu was a real downer for us though, it felt like the mood never lifted since then, sigh.

No coffee today but I did do a mask hehe. I’m looking forward to the end of the holiday, I’ve been away from Saitaomei way too long. I miss her so much !

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