Day 3 Melbourne

Melbourne from the 48th floor. Saitaoha was looking all emo nemo in her black dress.

But actually she was in a good mood all day despite having a bad night. I think she’s not used to the bed, she was tossing and turning and kicking me all night. Here she is playing with my mil, she has warmed up to them but will only allow R and I to carry her.

Queen Victoria Market, a must go destination in Melbourne. I wish I had more time (and kid less) to explore.

But at least I stopped for a very good coffee from Market Lane Coffee! Highly recommended by my Melbourne barista cousin.

I love their coffee cup ❤️. It was a lovely coffee too, smooth and creamy.

Haha bad photo of Saitaoha who just woke up from a long afternoon nap. It was good that she had a long nap because we headed out to Chinatown for dinner with my in-laws’ friends. The dinner lasted 2-3 hours but Saitaoha was very good throughout. She ate some dinner (even though I fed her before going out), nibbled on lots of snacks and nuts, checked out the fish in the tanks and was generally cheerful and happy throughout dinner.

I didn’t take pictures of dinner but it was at Shark Fin Inn and the food was good! We had the seasonal 冬瓜盅, some pickled duck salad, Peking duck, drunken chicken, tofu, and it was all delicious. I wouldn’t mind going back again to try their other dishes.

Oh dear I think I’m too lazy to do a mask tonight, I shall mask twice tomorrow to make up for it haha. I hope to buy something tomorrow, I haven’t shopped at all and I have hardly any days left!

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