Melbourne Day 2

It wasn’t a very good day today. We had a late start to the morning because we all slept in. The plan was to head out into the city for some shopping before meeting my in laws who were arriving around noon.

Maybe it was because we were rushing to meet them, I was a bit flustered and not paying attention to Saitaoha. When we reached the hotel she suddenly gasped ‘Xiu Xiu!’ To our dismay, we realised she dropped her beloved rabbit doudou somewhere (we suspect the tram). I knew this was bound to happen because she insists on bringing Xiu Xiu out with her everywhere. Usually she has a tight grip on it and when she drops it she will yell at us to pick it up. But maybe because we were rushing and she was tired and due a nap, she didn’t even realise she dropped it till we were off the tram.

Poor child was crying and asking for her Xiu Xiu in the room. She didn’t fuss for long because I think she knew she dropped it and it was gone forever. I will always remember that shellshocked look on her face when she gasped Xiu Xiu 😭. To be honest I was heartbroken myself 💔.

This doudou had accompanied her since she was a newborn and was a gift from yee yee. Saitaoha has different toys that she fancies during various periods, but her one and only constant favourite has been Xiu Xiu. Even R was affected, when we returned to the hotel, he suddenly grabbed the hotel key and said he was going to jump on the tram to see whether he could spot it. I think he also retraced our route in the city. I stayed in the room with Saitaoha who had cried herself to sleep.

I wanted to tell R that it was hopeless and not to bother. But I let him do it because I knew we felt helpless at that moment and just wanted to do something, anything, to retrieve this precious bunny that is so loved by our daughter. I myself spent the afternoon trying to search online to buy the same doudou, I also called the tram network to report the loss. Who knows? Maybe some kind soul picked it up and returned it to the lost and found?

Because of the bunny drama we had a very late lunch of a beef burrito bowl. Saitaoha ate all the corn and some rice.

Father in law finally convinced Saitaoha to let him hold her hand.

but it was all through bribery! See her hand in the bag of chocolates? She discovered the Lindt factory outlet, its her favourite store 😅.

Heading to Chinatown for dinner and we saw this row of police horses. Turns out they were preparing for a peaceful protest that was about to happen.

Roast duck for dinner, it was ok. I kinda knew dinner wouldn’t be fantastic because the restaurant was almost empty when we stepped in. This was when I realised that this trip is about R being with his family, and that I should forego all plans of foodie restaurants, hipster cafes and coffee joints. I don’t feel too bad about it (since I didn’t have time to plan anyway) but I am a bit sad that I didn’t get to have a nice coffee today.

Boh pien, had to break open my ice coffee, it was quite nice!

No coffee so I indulged in a soft serve cone. This was during my quick getaway at night to the supermarket. I think that will be my only me time everyday. Better than nothing, I’ll take it!

Cold is it Saitaoha? That’s what happens when you refuse to wear jackets and coats! This kid ah, so stubborn, we’re having to force her into her jackets and coats. I foresee lots of trouble this winter😅.

Tonight’s mask. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a better day!

6 Responses to “Melbourne Day 2”

  1. 1 Tspellstrouble April 29, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    Just realised her xiu xiu used to be so nice and pink!! Yesterday, I was trying to think what colour I bought her coz her xiu xiu now looks so pre-loved!

  2. 3 Magjunkie April 29, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Awww I know that pain of losing xiu xiu! I cried when K dropped her infant pacifier into the toilet bowl! It’s a symbol of their babyhood! Don’t worry. The memories and pics will stay!

  3. 5 5feetfive April 30, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    I know the feeling too… shrimp dropped her doudou in the park (it looks very similar to Saitaoha’s and is also from Kaloo) and we tried to go back and find it but it was gone… 😪

    • 6 daitaoha May 2, 2018 at 12:59 am

      It’s heartbreaking isn’t it? I didn’t expect both R and I to be so sad about it but I was near tears

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