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Melbourne Day 1

Saitaoha and papa at Perth domestic airport at 4am 😅. Despite the early hours, Saitaoha was ecstatic to be at the airport.

She kept pointing at the runway in delight and gasping ‘mummy!! Aeroplanes!’ I asked her whether she wanted to sit on the aeroplane. She nodded solemnly ‘yes please’. When it was finally time to board she shouted ‘hooray!’ much to the amusement of our fellow passengers. It was actually really heartwarming to witness her excitement and delight, may her love for aeroplanes and flights never abate.

We had a pleasant flight , Saitaoha slept through most of it and munched her snacks happily during her awake time. We were able to get an early check in to the hotel and were pleasantly surprised to see the room equipped with a kitchenette. I brought my handy little steamer with me, planning to steam little meals like fish and veg for Saitaoha. Turns out I could have left it at home.

She had lots of fun exploring the room. Her favourite toy was the telephone, kept picking it up and having fake conversations with everyone! She called the doctor, gung gung, mah mah, yee yee! We unplugged the phone because we were afraid she would accidentally call someone 😅.

We were all pretty tired from the lac of sleep, so didn’t venture far away. There was a factory outlet just two streets away so we headed there for some shopping. R managed to score a nice shirt at a bargain, not bad!

Saitaoha found the car of her dreams, an aiji truck 😍. We had to drag her away but I might bring her back tomorrow if we have time. By then she was visibly tired and almost walking into walls so we headed back to the hotel.

After a shower, I left father and daughter to grab some supplies from the supermarket opposite our hotel.

Couldn’t resist stopping for my must have holiday drink of Starbucks’s matcha latte.

But really I wanted to get this gorgeous Sakura tumbler for my sister. I wanted to get this Sakura themed set for her the last time I was in Singapore but I couldn’t find them at the outlets I visited. So happy to find it here.

They were handing out free iced coffee drinks at the station, so kiasu Aunty grabbed four 😅.

Went back to the hotel to find father and daughter out like a light! So I had time for my first facial mask of the holiday hehe.

By the time the sleeping princess and her father woke up, the night had fallen. I fed Saitaoha her dinner of steamed fish and sweet corn. I was famished and suggested that we head out to look for dinner. The initial plan was to check out the restaurants near our hotel’s vicinity, but they were mostly fast food. So we walked further and further and ended up…

in Chinatown! To be honest I really enjoyed the walk and checking out lively Melbourne’s night scene. There were so many buzzing laneways lined with restaurants filled to the brim with the Friday night crowd. Live performers sang and played on the streets. This really brought me back to the old days when R and I used to explore the night scene during our holidays in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali… If it was just two of us, I’m sure we would have hopped into one of those restaurants and cracked open a bottle of wine. Tonight we felt so out of place with a pram and an increasingly cranky toddler.

Somehow or other, we ended up at the Vietnamese restaurant that R and I ate at and loved many years ago when we visited Melbourne.

I had a mixed beef pho and R had Da Bin Lo which had a mixture of yummy innards. It was still very delicious but I couldn’t enjoy it because Saitaoha was very upset. In the end I wheeled her out and tried to calm her down outside while R scoffed down his pho. Then it was his turn with Saitaoha and boy did I gulp down my pho in record time. Even in my haste, I could discern that the broth was very good and the condiments were all well cooked and very tender.

I couldn’t sit there and eat while the baby was wailing outside so I left in a hurry. R and I then sped back to the hotel which was quite a distance away, my foot started hurting and I was limping towards the end of it.

There was this dreamlike quality to the end of the night, us rushing through the streets with a wailing kid in her stroller, passing by happy TGIF folk just starting their party night.

We finally reached the hotel, gave Saitaoha her milk and cookies and she was all happy again.

A happy and eventful first day in Melbourne. Looking forward to tomorrow already !

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