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Melbourne bound

We’re flying out to Melbourne tomorrow morning for a short holiday. We will be meeting my in laws and sister in law there so R is very happy. Poor guy hasn’t seen his family or been for a holiday for a long time.

We’re bringing Saitaoha but Saitaomei is staying home with Gung Gung and Mah Mah.

I know it’s just a few days but I’m really going to miss my munchkin. She’s at the gorgeous age with her sweet smiles and happy chuckles. R and I keep smothering her with kisses and cuddles, oh I will miss this baby stage when it’s over.

I still don’t know whether I should go back to Singapore/kuching with my parents. I really want to because I feel like I won’t get the opportunity to return home for such a long time in the future. But I’m almost 80% sure I won’t be going because my parents could really do with a break plus I should really save money. Sigh 😔 I hate being an adult sometimes.

Ok back to happier things, I am looking forward to this trip mostly because I think R will have a great time and hopefully Saitaoha will too. For myself, I’m hoping that I will get some me time (but I know that’s unlikely because Saitaoha can be a handful and is especially clingy with me). I have a few simple goals for this trip, to do a facial mask every night and to indulge in a lovely Melbourne coffee everyday. Not too much to ask for right?

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